British Health Products (India) Ltd.

Manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicines and Food Products

Brief Information on the Company

British Health Products (India) Ltd is a Multi Product Modern Indian company and Manufacturer of Food and Ayurvedic medicines. The company has over 70 Ayurvedic formuations in its product range, and has manufacturing facilities for Capsules, Tablets (coated/uncoated), Powder and Syrups. All sections are seperate.

Products having Hydroscopic in nature is produced and packed under controlled conditions by Centralized A/C.

Liquid section is manitained with AHU system.

Presently manufacturing products for Dabur India and Alembic Ltd.

British Health Products (India) Ltd is a Limited compay managed by a Board of Directors which includes Mr. Abhay Agarwal, Mr. D.Nagpal and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal.

Ayurvedic Manufacturing Activites

For Ayurvedic medicies, the site is Licensed by The Licensing Authority and Director of Ayurved, Rajasthan for manufacture to sale of ayurvedic / Siddha or Unani drugs on form 26D (Rule 155). Persently at this site only Capsules, Tablets, Powder and Syrups are being manufactured in production area.

Food Manufacturing Activites

The site is licensed for production of Food products by FSSAI(Food Safety and Standard Authority of India), beside Ayurvedic medicines. These products are manufactured in dedicated facilities.

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